Tampathia Evans, co-editor | Writing Center Director
Tommy Jenkins, co-editor | Chair of Humanities

Faculty Editorial Board
Amy Johnson | Copyediting
Anita Merriweather Williams | Poetry & Flash Fiction
Crystal Brantley | Copyediting
Ilishe Mikos | Poetry & Flash Fiction
Susan Ambert | Poetry & Flash Fiction
Will Hinton | Visual Art

Student Editorial Staff
Julius Shumpert | Visual Art
Robert Robertson | Poetry
Karen Sislava-Reyes | Flash Fiction
Steven Welch | Reviews

Lou Lit
Louisburg College
Humanities Division
Writing Center
Taft Hall
501 N. Main Street
Louisburg, North Carolina
27549  U.S.A.

Alumni Staff
Dante White, Ajae Dewitt-Davis, Dallas Williams, Carl Simmons

Lou Lit Review is the literary journal at Louisburg College, and is housed in the college’s writing center. Our journal aims to publish works of place and experience from as close as a few steps away from us in Franklin County, North Carolina to as far away as Mumbai. Our journal will open to submissions on January 1, 2017. Our first print issue will be available in the Spring of 2018, and our submission policy is fee free though you also have the option of subscribing to our journal from Submittable. Our Lou Lit logo, “Rods and Cones” was made by Julius Shumpert.

We are all products of our experiences. Our goal is to provide our talented students at Louisburg College with real world experience and we want to read submissions by those who work or who have worked in a variety of trades and professions. We tell our students if you want to be a better writer, then read good writing so please send us your best work.

DISCLAIMER: The content featured in the Lou Lit Review solely reflects the artistry of its contributors and is not representative of the beliefs, opinions or perspectives of Louisburg College, its alumni, partners or affiliated entities.

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